Introducing Client.Wiki

Client.Wiki is a tool for creating a client portal, where you can provide a wiki of information for your clients, along with a ticket system where they can post questions, issues and requests.

It also lets you create training programs through quizzes, attestation and certification, so your clients and staff can both be certain they're proficient in the skills being taught.

With the ticket system both your staff and your clients can ask questions from experts, and ensure those questions and issues are tended to in a timely manner. The ticket system provides SLA timing so you can set target response times along with escalation. And, to help keep that knowledge centralize, offers a way to easily publish anonymized tickets to the Wiki.

Convenience is the key to maintaining a centralized knowledge store, and this is why we make the Wiki accessible through a Google-like search engine. We also offer a real-time chat feature so clients and staff can be connected to experts immediately, and a webchat widget that can enable this real-time chatting in external websites.

Client.Wiki makes for a perfect client portal, where your clients can access information and be connected to subject-matter experts in seconds. With your Client.Wiki virtual front-desk you'll get a website and email address they can use at any time to contact you, with every message tracked as tickets and escalated to make sure nothing falls between the cracks - ever. The website can be their source for all the information they need about your organization - by using the wiki you can add information and create your own Wikipedia, all for your clients' benefit. You can even provide training courses, with quizzes and certification - useful both for your own internal staff and for customer training.

To sign up for a trial for Client.Wiki, you can subscribe at

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